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Testimonials and Client Comments

Peter Coote Architect Inc. & Chandler - Coote Architects (UK)

I have worked with Archimage for the past nine years and I am delighted to write this testimonial for Archimage, and specifically for its principal, Andy Griffiths. We, and his team, have worked together on a wide range of projects. Commercial, residential and industrial. The value of the projects have been from a few thousand dollars to multi milllion dollar. Clients range from individual home owners to large orporations such as Rogers Communications Incorporated.

Archimage, throughout this wide range of project and clientele, have always presented a professional and responsible approach to their work. They have been diligent at every turn to ensure that the clients needs were carried out in a timely, proper and cost effective manner. I look forward to having Archimage as part of our team on future projects.

RICK & DEBBIE – 3200sqft Custom Home near Cornwall, ON.

“We are extremely happy with the house.
Thank you for your excellent drawings. The trades loved them, they are very easy to read and follow.
Thank You!
Best regards,
Rick & Debbie”

TOM & MICHELLE – 4500sqft Custom Home near Blue Mountain, ON.

“Thanks for all your help in steering this project back on track.
Your input was very helpful.

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