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Services We Offer

As Built Drawings
- site measuring of existing premises/building
- transfer measurements into CAD drawings
- square footage calculations
- transfer existing hand drawn prints into CAD files.

Architectural Design
- preliminary sketch designs
- transfer hand drawn sketch designs into CAD
- design development
- presentation drawings (with colour if required)
- computer generated 3D colour presentation renderings (photo realistic)
- hand painted colour renderings

Construction Documentation
- specifications
- working / construction drawings
- building permit drawings
- building permit applications
- tender documentation
- ASHRAE Calculations

Site Reviews
- general review for drawing/construction compliance
- review for code compliance

Support Services to Architects and Designers
- All of the above services are also offered to Architects and Interior Designers. As support services to smaller firms or larger firms that may have become over-loaded and need help with projects on a short term or a long term basis. From initial client meetings right through to final tender drawings. All work remains exclusive and strictly confidential.

Support Services to Manufacturers
- We can generate CAD shop drawings and manufacturing drawings from detailed sketches. All work remains exclusive and strictly confidential. .


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